Upload your poster

The program for our conference is ready. Our next big task is to prepare for the poster session. Please note that, to facilitate those attending and presenting at our conference remotely, the poster session will be held virtually, using the ‘Gather.Town’ software. There will not be an in-person poster session and nowhere to display a hard-copy poster. There will be a dedicated poster session from 15.30-17.30 on Monday, 3rd June.

Our Gather.Town site will be free of charge for all to use and all registrants will be able to access the posters 24/7 from date of posting through September 30, 2024.

Poster presenters are asked to upload their (virtual) posters at https://clayconferences.org/clay-conference-poster-upload/ using a traditional portrait-mode, A0-size poster format (resolution of not more than 200 dpi). This can be submitted as a .jpg or .pdf file. Please upload your file poster file by no later than Monday 20th May.

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