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This conference will be fully hybrid. Delegates can opt to attend in person or remotely. Oral sessions will be available to attend via Zoom. All in-person registration fees include attendance at the welcome reception and the banquet, breakfast, boxed lunches and other refreshments during the scientific sessions. All registrants, except those registering for one day only, will have full access to the in-person program. Recordings of many of the presentations will be made available to delegates after the conference.

Note that the early-bird registration deadline has been changed from 1st March to 4th March due to temporary difficulties with the online registration system.

The following registration options are available:

ClassEarly bird rateLate rateEarly bird deadline
CMS Member, in-person$400$6001st 4th March 2024
Professional, in-person$475$6001st 4th March 2024
Professional, virtual$200$2501st 4th March 2024
Student in person or virtual$150$2001st 4th March 2024
One-day registration (onsite)$200$200$200
History, Geology, and Soils of Southeast Oʻahu Field Trip$60$60
The rate for CMS members is subsidised by The Clay Minerals Society, i.e. for each CMS member who registers before 1st March 2024, the Society will pay $75 to the conference . (Join The CMS here.)

Register Here

Those who register will have opportunities to present their work in person, live online, or as a virtual poster using a private Slack channel. Details of how to upload posters will be made available to remote delegates when they have registered. Pre-recorded oral presentations will not be accepted.

Note: Our Slack Channel will be free of charge for all to use and all registrants will be able to access the posters 24/7 from date of posting through September 30, 2024. Poster presenters will upload brief (3-5 min recording) presentations to the Slack channel or a more traditional A0 poster. Other delegates will be invited to make comments, also on the channel.

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